No Longer a Digital Native’s Game: TV Fuels Social Branded Content

A recent high-performing social post featuring a brand integration for Pepsi as part of TBS late night show ‘CONAN’s hit ‘Clueless Gamer’ series. Fans could win the Nintendo Switch console by participating in Pepsi’s Snapchat prize program. Credit: Turner

In less than a year, branded content from TV networks on Facebook has more than doubled. No longer are these social media executions viewed as merely added value or an extension of an advertiser’s traditional TV buy for extra exposure. Branded content campaigns on social media are becoming a bona fide business for media companies, empowering marketers with new ways to connect with their target audiences. And optimizing these campaigns for engagement, a key metric that drives brand impact on social, has improved as well, meaning their value is easier to quantify and build on in the future.

According to social media analytics and insights company ListenFirst, the volume of branded posts from TV networks on Facebook increased steadily over the past three quarters, with a 72% jump in Q2 2017 compared with Q4 2016. Consumers are now more familiar with branded content on social media. In fact, more than half of consumers say that they watch branded content on social platforms once a week or more, per a study by CNN’s ad sales research team.

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