Old Career Rules Don’t Work—To Compete, You Need a Body of Work

We spend our lives hearing and telling stories in both life and work, but we often neglect to focus on the most important story of all: our own. The problem is, if you neglect your story one will be written for you.

The rise of social media has blurred the line between our personal and professional lives. Anybody can search for your name on the Internet and interpret the results however they wish. So, what if the person searching is a potential employer?

More than ever, it is critical to craft a compelling story that ties our experiences together and presents them as part of a cohesive personal brand.

To help people take control of their stories, longtime career coach and well-known author Pam Slim recently released a book called, Body of Work: Finding the thread that ties your story together.

I LOVE this book. I wish I’d had it five years ago when I was starting to write my first book, which was the beginning of my own body of work.

To get all the great insights you’ve gotta read the book! But I will share some gems from our recent chat:

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