Onboarding Emails: What Happens After They Sign Up For Your “Free Thing”

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Think about every lead magnet you ever signed up for.

Of all of those free ebooks, courses & discount codes, how many of those companies did you ever actually become a customer of?

How many of them do you still buy from?

I don’t know about you, but judging by my own inbox, what happens after I hand over my email address is just… disappointing.

The example above is from a startup that promised to offer a smarter collaborative experience on Twitter.

From November 26th until today there have been a total of eight messages. Eight.

Two were discounts, two were “exciting news”, one was the initial invitation & one was the welcome message.

None of which actually told me how to use the product or invited me to any sort of training.

Here was the welcome email:

Welcome email

Not even a link to bring me back into the product…

Unfortunately, I never logged back into the product, and I hate to admit it, but I also kind of forgot they existed until today when the CEO sent me an email offering 2 free months.

2 free months

But it was never “free months” that kept me from using the software.

It was …read more

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