Operations and Technology: Fusing the Future of Marketing

By Dan Purvis

All elements of business strategy are becoming increasingly digitised and marketing has been revolutionised by the extensive range of marketing technology developments, automation and software. The marketing technology industry has seen an average annual growth of 170% according to industry leaders and this indicative of just how integral it has become to successful strategy.

All businesses need to do more to compel their audiences and stand out from their competitors. Brand storytelling has become the standard, not an option. The bringing together of both the latest and most relevant marketing technologies and marketing operations is integral to creating cohesive and engaging stories which in the end, are responsible for improved business revenue.

Understanding Marketing Technology

Marketing technology or Martech is the set of tools, platforms and applications any business uses as a part of their marketing strategy. Many business owners are not fully aware of the extent to which they utilise technology on a day-to-day basis in their marketing but for many, the list is quite extensive and can always be improved and developed on. Marketing is about storytelling but it has fused with technology in a way which means it is now both an art form and a technical field. This requires a different approach to both handling it, and making a success of it. Around 49% of companies are already using marketing automation and 55% more B2B companies are looking to invest in and adopt the technology. This is just one of many marketing technologies which are becoming an industry standard.

Technology is the power behind marketing for almost all modern businesses and the rise of marketing technologists has seen the need for companies as a whole to adapt their approach and look at effective ways of moving away from the segmented and silo-style organisational setup. Departments need to merge and companies need to recognise the need for better internal communications and organisation, for better results and to stay on par with competitors. This is where marketing operations comes into play.

Streamline Success with Effective Marketing Operations

Efficient processes, skilled professionals and the right assistive technology combine in the marketing operations mix. Together these elements ensure your strategies are delivered effectively and you get measurable results to work from and once again put back into the mix. Marketing operations is often looked upon as laborious and it isn’t the most exciting part of marketing, but it is entirely essential. To keep up with and stay one step ahead of the ever-changing and evolving consumer behaviour trends, structured operational systems need to be in place.

Martech can back up your strategy within marketing operations and when done properly, it really does deliver results, as McKinsey and Company found, where marketing operations resulted in a 15-25% in marketing effectiveness. The digital transformation and change in attitude required for effective marketing operations is often a stumbling block for companies but with measurable results and success stories prevalent, it is a risk that is more than worth taking. The Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community