Out of Print: A Look Back at Iconic Village Voice Covers

Yuppies, bankers, vampire politicians, Republicans, and any number of New York poseurs can sleep a little easier tonight. The Village Voice is ending its print run.

The progressive free weekly has been a dying a medium for years, strangled by Craigslist and put out of its misery by Google, Facebook and, well, internet porn. But this feels like a final blow: Now even the Voice — an icon of New York culture — has been silenced on sidewalks.

The historic alt-weekly pioneer has been a free fixture in New York media since 1955 (though it wasn’t always free), co-founded by Norman Mailer, Ed Rancher and Dan Wolf. It was home to journalists like Jack Newfield, Nat Hentoff, Tom Robbins, Ken Auletta and too many to name.

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