Peer Pressure: Gen Z Shakes Up Influencer Ranks

Jenna Marbles, watch your back. Your 18.8 million YouTube subscribers may still be rapt, following your adventures as a young millennial. But the influencer world can be fickle. Behind you are a legion of Gen Z wannabes just itching to take your place.

Already, the biggest YouTube creators face being elbowed aside by “younger influencers who are shinier versions of them,” says Bing Chen, former head of creator development for YouTube and founder of Bingdom Studios, a content studio and strategic consultancy joint venture with MediaLink. As millennials get pushed aside by Gen Z influencers and their power gets diluted by numbers, Chen sees a shakeout coming in the influencer ecosystem.

“It’s not that influencers are dead,” he says. “But the heyday is close to over” because the amount of churn means current stars are likely to fade fast.

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