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I received an email from Tom the other day that has a great structure for using redefine patterns. Tom also does something that could be potentially really dangerous so I thought we could deconstruct that as well.

Conversations Using NLP Reframing

One of the things I advocate in The Persuasion Skills Black Book is practising in live conversations. The game is to take the pattern of the day and use it as many times as possible in one conversation.

One of the things I have noticed is that doing this, particularly with the redefine pattern, gives you two options. Firstly to take the conversation to where ever you want it to go. The second is to hold the conversation to what you want to discuss.

Tom sent me an email reminding me of this and putting this down as a process in a really clear structure. But before I show you the email I need to add a danger warning. We don’t know what technique Tom used nor the whole circumstances so it could easily be something that was very beneficial for the client.

There are some things you should always with things like medical conditions which Tom may well have covered but just didn’t tell us about in his email below. So let’s first deal with the genius way Tom approaches the redefine and then can I ask you to stay with this article to understand how much potential there is to do harm given this set of circumstances on face value.

Just Give Me Five Minutes

Here is the email in full:

Here is an example of how I used the Redirect”, in the context of someone’s basic convincer number

(the number of times someone needs to hear something before they belief it).

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