P&G, Ford and Other Top Brands Keep Ads Flowing to RT’s Site

While Marc Pritchard is at the annual advertising festival known as the ANAs and continues to question the digital ad ecosystem, Procter & Gamble ads are still at risk of running on questionable websites.

In recent weeks, Gillette ads have run on RT.com, a site that was accused of misleading coverage following last weekend’s Las Vegas shooting and seeking influence during the 2016 presidential election. RT, formerly Russia Today, is funded by the Kremlin, which played a destabilizing part in the election, according to the U.S. intelligence agencies and companies that have looked into the matter.

RT is the latest digital property, following sites like Breitbart and InfoWars, to come under scrutiny for delivering headlines skewed to influence politics. In the case of RT, its foreign benefactor has become an issue. Twitter said last week that the site paid to promote anti-Hillary Clinton articles during the election.

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