Platinum Mastermind Group

John Carlton and Stan Dahl present limited seating Platinum Mastermind Group for serious marketers

There’s Just ONE Mastermind Group That Specializes In Solving The Specific Problems In YOUR Business …

A top tier, limited access mastermind group that provides deep-dive hands-on help to:

  • Fix Every Problem.
  • Brainstorm Fresh Ideas.
  • Clarify & Meet Goals.
  • Get Implementation Help.

Plus: Get a FREE private consultation with with John Carlton worth $2,500 just for joining.


This is NOT a typical run-of-the-mill mashed up weekend gathering of self proclaimed marketing gurus promising the moon and the stars … and delivering yesterday’s worthless tips, tricks and tactics wrapped in a tarnished bow.

The hosts, and co-hosts and presenters are all heavy hitters and some of the most sought-after and highly respected copywriters and marketing consultants on the planet. 

If you are qualified to attend expect to get immediate, massively-experienced, and personalized help for you and your business, laser-focused on solving everything that’s holding up profits, ruining your passion, or keeping you and your business from moving confidently to the next level of wealth and happiness.

Seating is limited and you will need to apply for acceptance by completing a questionaire to see if you are a good fit for the mastermind group.



About John Carlton…

Copywriting master John CarltonIn case you don’t know who John Carlton is, he is a notorious and much-sought-after copywriter for over twenty years now. John Carlton slyly refers to himself as the most ripped-off writer on the Web, and no one on the inside of the online business world disagrees. Other marketers also call John he most respected writing teachers alive and the list of well-known marketers who freely reference John as their primary mentor for writing sales messages is just staggering. For example:

  • Rich Schefren (of Strategic Profits fame) personally bought his entire staff copies of the John Carlton writing course, and he keeps examples of ads, emails and websites by John close by for inspiration. I leaned it all from John, he said.
  • Eben Pagan (the creator of Altitude) specifically refers to John Carlton teaching whenever he discusses writing with his client base of millionaire marketers.
  • Frank Kern (Mass Control wizard) freely admits that John’s direct advice saved a now-fabled product launch from stumbling and using that advice, helped the project become the most lucrative one-day launch in the history of the Internet.
  • Mike Filsaime (fabled creator of Butterfly Marketing)calls him a legend, and devours everything John writes: John’s sales writing has been stalked for decades by many of the best (and most successful) marketers on the Internet, who freely admit using John’s ads as templates for their own breakthrough pitches.

They copy John’s stuff because it works. And they are not alone. The list of top marketers who have dipped from John’s deep well of copywriting knowledge is very long indeed.

  • As a working freelance copywriter, John is one of a handful at the top of the game commanding fees that cause unprepared clients to choke, getting booked up to a year in advance by the largest mailers in the world, and consistently writing pitches that sell like crazy.
  • As a teacher of writing sales messages for businesses, John is responsible for helping a verifiable mob of otherwise clueless entrepreneurs and small business owners get their act together.
  • The rabid testimonials you will find touting John’s influence and teaching include nearly every famous and infamous online marketer in existence.

His career arc is legendary: Partnering with Gary Halbert for a decade being a go-to writer for the largest mailers in the world (including Rodale, where he currently has several controls) pioneering online advertising tactics (most top Web marketers follow his early revolutionary blueprints, and starring as the featured speaker at major marketing seminars, including…The infamous Under-Achievers event in Australia (with Frank Kern and Ed Dale), Armand Morin’s Big Seminar in Los Angeles Dan Kennedy’s copywriting Bootcamp in Cleveland Carl Galletti’s information Marketing Seminar in Las Vegas Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s Marketing Bootcamp the Tactic 7 blowout in San Francisco with Harlan Kilstein and David Garfinkel and over 30 other mainline events. John is someone you want to pay attention to…very careful attention. So, when John makes programs available it is time to check it out and find out if you too can join the realm of elite marketers using what John teaches. Check out the programs and services you can get from
John to ramp up your business success.

About Stan Dahl…

Stan Dahl brings 25 years of marketing and business process analysis and improvement to the group. Before joinubg forces with John Carlton, he specialized in bringing data-driven analytics and solutions to businesses big and small, located all over the world.

He was implementing “Big Data” solutions years before most business owners and CEOs had even heard of the concepts.

These days he focuses their clients create and  implement realistic and efficient marketing strategies and funnels.

Some of the specialties he brought to the table for his clients over the years include:

  • Project Management
  • Enterprise / Information Architecture
  • Data Integration / Data Warehouse / Operational Data Store
  • Data, Information, and Knowledge Management and Administration
  • Data, Process, and Object Modeling, Analysis, and Integration
  • Business Process Improvement / Business Process Reengineering
  • Facilitation and Consensus Building Techniques
  • Software Development
  • Training Workshop Development and Delivery
  • Software Package Selection


David Deutsch started his career writing ads for the prestigious Ogilvy & Mather on Madison Avenue. He’s been a top “A-List” copywriter for decades, amassing multiple controls for some of the largest publishers and supplement marketers in the world, including Boardroom Inc., for whom he had a record-breaking 6 winning promotions in the mail at one time.

David has been a valued guest expert at many of the seminars John has held over the years — including some the infamous “Key West Copywriting Bootcamps” with Gary Halbert.


David GarfinkelDavid Garfinkel is co-founder of Fast Effective Copy,  author of the must-have “Copywriting Templates” course, and longtime mentor to leading advertising copywriters. He has been John Carlton’s go-to guy / right-hand-man at all of his Hot Seat Seminars and Copywriting Workshops.

He brings massive and varied marketing experience to the table.


Kevin Rogers is a former stand up comic… turned top freelance copywriter… who now hosts of a successful online community of marketers, entrepreneurs, and copywriters. He and John have co-hosted a podcast, “Psych Insights for Modern Marketers”, for over 2 years. He’s one of few people John Carlton has ever hired to write for his own products and consult on his personal marketing efforts.

PLUS … Guest Marketing Royalty and Legends

John and Stan will invite one or more of their heavy-hitter colleagues to sit in as a guest expert at every meeting.