PPC Management Checklist: The Ultimate 13 Point Action Plan

By Erin Higgins

Looking to spruce up your PPC management? As you’re probably aware, this isn’t the easiest accomplishment to make. But don’t despair!There are several tasks that you can start on today in order to get things on the right track. Just take a look at the checklist below, cross off the items you’ve already taken care of, and create a plan of action for the ones you haven’t.

  1. I’ve got my bid rules under control
    If you haven’t assessed your bidding since you first put it in place, it’s time for some serious PPC management reflection. Most of us spend a lot of time setting up our bid rules and how they’ll affect our campaigns. But, unless you continue to monitor them, those rules you put in place may actually start to have a negative impact. Not only is this a huge bummer, but it can undo all the success you made earlier on. So—unless you’ve been a PPC all-star and can already cross this item off our PPC management checklist—you need to start going through your bidding rules and see how they’re currently affecting your campaigns. Find out what’s working well, look for any areas for improvement, and make sure your bid rules aren’t doing anything fishy.
  2. I’m tracking my conversions
    There are several reasons why not tracking conversions is not a good idea. Most notably, if you don’t track where your conversions are coming from, you won’t know if your PPC management tactics are actually making a positive impact. If you haven’t added a conversion tracking code, do it now.

    But even if you are tracking conversions (gold stars for you), it’s also crucial that you ensure you’re tracking them correctly. If any of the following sound familiar, then you may not have your conversion tracking code properly installed:

    • Clicks and conversions are equal. Unless you’re selling the world’s best product for a dime, it’s unlikely that every single person who clicks on your ad would follow through with the conversion process. When this error occurs, it’s usually because you’ve mistakenly added the conversion tracking code to your landing page rather than your order confirmation page.
    • Your number of conversions is shockingly low. If you’ve pumped a lot of time and money into your PPC campaigns and you’ve got nothing to show for it, it’s possible that you’re not tracking phone conversions.
    • You’re reporting low sales, and yet your campaigns are showing high conversion rates. If this is the case, ensure that you’re actually tracking conversions and not product or homepage visits.


  3. My ad groups are relevant
    If you have a bunch of different ad groups all containing 20-plus keywords, it’s time to do some trimming. Aim to minimize the number of keywords to only those that are most relevant. While it may seem like adding a whole bunch of keywords will get more visibility on your ads, it can actually have a very negative impact. This is because your ads will show up in search results for vaguely related search inquiries, which means that Go to the full article.

    Source:: Business2Community