Presentation Skills – Memorizing Your Stories – Good or Bad Idea?

Early on in my speaking career, I was getting booked fairly consistently with a speech called, The Positive Power of Change. That keynote was filled with a number of stories, including my signature story, the Streaking Story. It was exciting to know that I had a speech that worked every time.

During that time, I was a member of the Colorado chapter of the National Speakers Association where I was learning more about the business of speaking. Many of the professional speakers in that group had books and tapes (yes tapes) that they would sell at the back of the room.

I knew that I needed to have products to sell, but I didn’t know where to start. One of my speaking buddies suggested that I simply record one of my keynotes and use that as my first audio product.

So the next time I spoke, I audio-recorded the speech. I couldn’t wait to get home and listen to the recording. Much to my dismay, I was disappointed in the recording. It wasn’t the quality of the recording that was disappointing, it was my speech.

As I listened to the recording, I couldn’t believe how undisciplined I was. I said things that I didn’t …read more

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