Press Secretary Sean Spicer Caught Wearing Mismatched Shoes At White House [Fact Check]

By Shawn Rice

Wikimedia Commons

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer seen in a photograph wearing two different types of footwear is real, but the mismatched show appearance is due to a medical purpose rather than a weird fashion choice. Social media was discussing the odd appearance; however, the truth is far less exciting than what was discussed.

A March 13, 2017 photograph showing Spicer wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe is nothing more than a medical boot. In that photo, Spicer accompanied Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney as they met with reporters to discuss the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the American Health Care Act (ACA).

Despite efforts by the White House to focus on the replacement of the ACA, social media users noticed something seemingly amiss in the background with Spicer wearing two different shoes as seen below.

There were plenty of angles of Spicer in the mismatched shoes. The above-displayed image is real as it was taken by Stephen Crowley of the New York Times. Similar photographs showing Spicer in this oddly colored footwear were also available from Getty Images. Spicer’s mismatched feet can also be seen in video from the event.

Users on social media widely mocked the photograph. Though it seems like that incident was simply a mistake, Twitter users have been vigilantly looking at Spicer’s outfits, searching for clues about his current state. Here are some examples of people discussing the mismatched shoes on social media.

Sean Spicer can’t give an effective speech. Fine. But now he’s out here WEARING MISMATCHED SHOES. Resign, sir. #DressedInBushes

— PrestonMitchum (@PrestonMitchum) May 12, 2017

Spicy is done! First the bushes and now his mismatched shoes. We are witnessing a slow but steady, mental breakdown. #SeanSpicer

— Ana (@ana_valkyrie) May 11, 2017

i’m not a conspiracy theorist but Sean Spicer wearing mismatched shoes and the kid demanding an apology from Pence feels like a distraction

— Donwill (@donwill) May 11, 2017

However, it appears that Spicer’s choice of footwear was due to a medical reason, rather than an odd fashion choice or a sign of impeding mental collapse. A close-up of shot of Spicer’s mismatched shoes shows that he is clearly wearing a type of walking boot or cast.

A photograph of Spicer leaving the event revealed the back of this piece of footwear which can be seen below. Again, from inspection of the photo, it looks more like Spicer is wearing a walking cast than a dress shoe.

Spicer has been a favorite target for jokes against President Donald Trump’s administration. Melissa McCarthy brought back her beloved impression of Press Secretary Sean Spicer to NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday night. The actress, who was also this Go to the full article.

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