Promoting on Facebook: 20 Ideas, Tips & Examples

By Carlo Pacis

Promoting on Facebook: 20 Ideas, Tips & Examples

You’ve probably been told time and time again that Facebook is the #1 platform on social media.

That’s why you’re here – you’re looking for ways to help your business find success and drive sales through Facebook.

You’ve got one question: how do you promote on Facebook?

In this article, I’ll answer that question using 20 ideas, tips and examples that will arm you with everything you need to promote on Facebook.

Let’s get started.

Promoting on Facebook Tip #1: Add a page CTA

One great thing about having a Facebook page for your business is the ability to direct traffic from social media to your website or e-commerce store, so you can turn Facebook fans into customers and sales.

Facebook gives you the option of you a few different CTAs for your page, so use the one that fits your business objectives the best. It’s a big, blue button anchored to the top of your page – and that’s prime real estate that can help you get results from your social strategy.

Promoting on Facebook Tip #2: Use your cover photo for promotion

Your cover photo occupies an incredibly important portion of your page, as it lies front and center. Many brands will use this portion for a simple, branded graphic, and it’s an area that’s often underutilized for promoting.

Promoting on Facebook: 20 Ideas, Tips & Examples

Using your cover photo to draw attention to a promotion or discount you’re running for your business is a great way to maximize that space and drive results. Create an eye-catching graphic (so people will click on it) and then add a link in the photo description that directs people to the appropriate page.

Promoting on Facebook Tip #3: Optimize post timing

Let’s get this straight: Facebook doesn’t do your business any favors when it comes to driving organic reach on the platform. That means you need to do everything you can to maximize engagement for the promotional posts you create.

Promoting on Facebook: 20 Ideas, Tips & Examples

One easy way to do this is by optimizing post timing. As you can see from the infographic above (thanks CoSchedule), data shows there are some generic “best times” to post. When it comes to your business, however, consider your specific target market – when do they check Facebook? What does their day look like? These questions will help you get more results when you promote on Facebook.

Promoting on Facebook Tip #4: Promote your posts

Sometimes, you need to pay to play. I mean, this article is called Promoting on Facebook. Your promotional content could be ridiculously effective, but if it’s not reaching anyone, you’ll have trouble seeing returns.

Promoting on Facebook: 20 Ideas, Tips & Examples

On top of this, promoting your posts allows you to target them more directly, and at people who may not be currently following you. This means you can deliver relevant posts right to people who will react well to them, maximizing your Facebook promotion efforts.

Promoting on Facebook Tip #5: Run Facebook Go to the full article.

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