Q&AA: Facebook’s Andrew Keller on 6-Second Ads, Creativity and Prototyping

Learn more about rapid creative iteration and new marketing forms at Ad Age Next in New York on Nov. 15 and 16, with speakers from players including P&G, Google, Burger King, Walmart and Amazon.

Andrew Keller is barely a year into his role as global creative director of Facebook’s Creative Shop, the 200-strong in-house team with the tricky task of teaching agencies how to make ads on a constantly changing social network. This year’s hot format may not work for the next campaign cycle. And there’s never a guarantee that marketers have even mastered last year’s ads yet.

Keller, the former CEO and executive creative director at CP&B, talked about what’s next for creativity at Facebook, the difference between storyboarding an ad and just making it, and the trend of the moment: six-second ads. Our conversation has been edited.

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