Rapport Building Techniques for Trainers and Presenters


This article looks at a simple but powerful way of getting your audience to hang on your every word. It doesn’t matter how small or large the group this technique correctly applied will work every time.

Opening the Loop

Here is a short clip from an upcoming Hypnotic Presentation Skills Course where I “open a loop” with the audience. This is a really effective way of getting people desperately wanting to listen to you. Have a watch and then let me explain how it works.

The place to learn how to do this technique is to watch TV serials. My favourite is a programme called Doctor Who. The current version of the show works differently but it is the oldest running SciFi TV Series and it has been running for 50 years. In the classic version of the show it would be one story told over several twenty five minute episodes.

Every episode would build to a cliff hanger ending where the heroes of the story would be trapped in an impossible to escape from situation and facing certain death, doom and disaster. This was to hook people in to coming back next week to see what happens.

Giving Your Audience What They Want

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