Sales Hiring Process: 7 Steps to Follow When Hiring Sales Development Reps

By Josh Slone

sales hiring process

Without an effective sales hiring process, you’re going to churn through rep after rep.

Given enough time, you’ll hire a dud. We’ve learned the hard way. In our last round of hires, we actually had to fire someone on their first day.

Like a big pain in the neck that never should have walked into your office in the first place, dud. Shining resume, experience galore, and they’re terrible.

That’s the bad news.

The not-so-bad news is that these situations can be brought to a minimum, but only if you add some barriers. Putting things in the way that will stop bad candidates from slipping through and steps that will shoot red flags up along the way.

In sales, it’s all the more important.

Sales development reps (SDRs) on the team (typically) enjoy certain amounts of self-management. Only time and results are indicators that a new person isn’t working out.

Unfortunately, good performance and showing up can be accomplished by someone who is unethical—making the interview process so vital for a healthy sales team.

Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do. – Malcolm Forbes

Our post today will pull back the curtain and detail our 7-step interview process for hiring SDRs.

Sales Hiring Process Step One: Application “Easter Egg”

Disney/Pixar is the king when it comes to putting hidden references into things, otherwise called “Easter Eggs”.

They’ve foretold pretty much every upcoming movie with small, almost unnoticeable glimpses in previous films.

How does this relate to hiring? Good question.

Don’t just have prospects fill out an application. Start the interview process from the onset by weeding out anyone who doesn’t pay attention to the details.

Do this by putting in a secret “easter egg” into the form or page for potential hires.

For instance, if you are having interested parties email you, have them write a specific subject line in their email. How about an example:

“To apply email me @ __________. Be sure to put “I eat spam sandwiches” in the subject or I will not reply.”

There will be many emails that have no reference to spam—guaranteed.

If you have an online application, put some small, but noticeable requests (noticeable to those who pay attention). How about, “Instead of your High School, put your favorite movie of all time in its place.”

Note: Obviously, don’t take away necessary information to find out their favorite movie. And don’t make it too good of a hidden requirement. You don’t want qualified people to not figure out your complex riddle.

Doing this one thing will work wonders in weed eating. If they don’t pay attention now, it’s likely they won’t start when they get the job.

Reading into every detail that leads communicate is vital to the nurturing/qualification process.

Sales Hiring Process Step Two: Phone Screening

sales hiring process

If a prospect replies (with the egg) and they seem like a good candidate, don’t schedule a sit-down just yet.

Even if you’re desperate for someone to fill the sales role for your rapidly growing business, jumping the gun can cause a lot Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community