Seizing Control of TV Studios, Baby Police Officers and Your Thinking

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The latest series of articles have been about frames, how you can take people in to trance by disrupting their frames and then lead them. This article shows is several demonstrations of the idea at work. You will learn how to steal TV sets, disrupt interviews and abuse police officers.

Bringing Home the Bacon

I intend to demonstrate rather than explain in this article. If you want to understand the intricacies of how this all works have a quick read through this sequence of articles. It all has the added benefit of showing you how you can get your bacon rolls for free.

Article One – Stealing Bacon Rolls – Where you discover how people accidentally take each other in to trance by interrupting their patterns

Article Two – Confusion over sausages – Where you discover how frames of reference can be set up to lead people in a direction

An Interlude – Turning Your Future Boss into a Mind Controlled Zombie – An interlude where you discover how I accidentally used the tools we have been discussing to be offered a job

Article Three – Turning Shop Assistants in to Hypnotic Automatons – Where you discover language is a filter and that you can guide people’s thoughts by grabbing their frames of reference

Article Four – Fruit Based Conflict Resolution – Where you will learn how to get NLP Practitioners to scratch their genitals

Frame Wars

Here is a video of Russell Brand being interviewed on a TV show. I think his initial objective was to get some publicity for his upcoming tour. As the interview progressed I think he added the objective of taking over and showing up the interviewers once he realised how obnoxious they were.

Just notice how often he completely breaks their pattern and takes

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