Simple Trance Elicitations to Get Discounts


I received a series of emails over the weekend that show a really simple trance elicitation that resulted in a discount. Here is the whole thing broken down so you can understand the process and apply it for yourself.

I’ve been running a series of articles on frames of reference and either using them, subverting them or interrupting the pattern. On Sunday I received an email from Chris about how his wife Melissa has used this approach to get a discount for entry to the zoo. Here is the first email I received.

From: Chris
Date: Sunday
To: Rintu
Subject: Re: Learning about Hypnotic Patterns


My wife took my little girl to a private zoo yesterday, a small operation located in ….(Canada)

When she went to pay her entrance fee, the ticket girl said “that’s $21″. Melissa responded by saying “i read it was $17″, to which the ticket girl responded “that’s for weekdays”. Mel nodded saying “weekdays eh” in a very Canadian way and handed her a $20. The ticket girl gave her $3 in change and her entrance ticket.

When I asked Chris for permission to post this story he agreed and added:

Not only that, but after two hours it poured rain for an hour. Mel and girlfriend and kids holed up in the cafeteria snacking the time away. The zoo has a policy that if it rains they issue a free pass for next time. Of course, she got her free pass at the weekend rate of $21. In the end, she got a two for one deal at the weekend rate because she had the courage to try influencing the ticket gal with …read more

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