Snap Inc. Opens Advertising Opportunities to SMBs

By Mary Lister

Snapchat advertising manager

Starting in June, Snap Inc., the parent company of the popular mobile app Snapchat, will begin offering advertisers a suite of self-service advertising tools.

For the past few years, Snap ads have been available to big brands through large media buys accompanied by a Snapchat sales rep, or third-party software providers that plug into Snapchat’s advertising API. To invest, your company had to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars on custom campaigns, often executed and run by third parties.

In a move to include more brands, Snapchat Ad Manager will allow smaller businesses to access advertisement opportunities on the platform. Now in beta with more than 20 brands, Snap Inc. plans to make the ad manager available to advertisers in 29 countries in June 2017. The new self-serve ad manager will be free to businesses of all sizes.

The three new Snap business tools include Ad Manager, Snapchat Mobile Dashboard, and Business Manager.

Snapchat Mobile Dashboard

Allows advertisers to view ad creative as seen by Snapchat users, monitor live campaign analytics, edit campaigns, and receive notifications about key metrics. This dashboard can be accessed through the Snapchat consumer mobile application.

Snapchat ad overview

Ad Manager

Buy, manage, optimize, and report on campaigns for all Snap Ad types, including video, app install, long-form video and web view. Organize targeting capabilities, goal-based bidding for swipes or installs and assets like video creative or audience lists like emails and mobile IDs.

Business Manager

Change billing contacts, manage permissions for team members and multiple ad accounts—an opening for agencies to add a platform to their roster.

Snapchat ads seem to be taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook after releasing demographic, lookalike, and device-matching targeting last year. More recently, they released a lighter form of retargeting and results-based bidding; all of these features will be on the self-serve ad manager. This move is expected to significantly grow Snap, Inc.’s ad business, which is projected to reach $1 billion this year, the first since going public.

Snapchat Business Manager

Adding Snap Ads to Your Marketing Strategy

According to users in beta, the ad manager is relatively self-explanatory and encompassing. Snap ad formats will include:

Snap Ad: the most basic option, an up-to 10-second vertical video.

Ad + Article: provides the same multimedia canvas as what is currently featured in the discover section of the app. Articles can include text, in-line videos, gifs, and galleries. These can be run in publisher stories and shows.

Ad + App Install: swipe to open an embedded app store page and tap to install the app in the background. Seamless and simple!

Ad + Long-Form Video: combine a teaser with a swipe to reveal a short film or full-length trailer, these campaigns can be run anywhere on the app.

Ad + Web View: Swipe from the ad to the site for easy and almost instantaneous access. These can also be run anywhere on the app.

Snapchat audiences

Measuring the Impact of Snap Ads

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