Snapchat Finally Lets Advertisers Use Pixels to Track Ad Results and Eventually Retarget

Snapchat ads are about to get more targeted, as the app is embracing a marketing technology that until recently its CEO had considered creepy.

Snapchat is giving its advertisers the ability to employ a pixel, a key tool to make ads more trackable and targeted. By putting a pixel, really a bit of digital code, on their websites, brands can then measure when a person saw their ads somewhere else in the digital ecosystem. Pixels are also used to retarget ads, showing people ads they had already seen elsewhere.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has been wary of such ad technology in the past, fearing the creep factor of following consumers across the internet with ads that won’t leave people alone. However, Snapchat has had to embrace those tactics as it looks to develop as sophisticated advertising model that can compete with the likes of Facebook and Google.

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