Snapchat May Force Users to Watch Three Seconds of Ads Before Skipping

Snapchat — a company that’s been reluctant to impose ads on its audience — is now weighing whether it will force people to sit through three seconds of commercial breaks before offering a skip option on ads.

Advertisers and media partners familiar with the company’s thinking say serious consideration is being given to such a plan, which would help solve a nagging flaw in Snapchat’s business: its young users often skip commercial interruptions within less than a second. The delayed skip button would be similar to the experience on YouTube, where TrueView ads run for five seconds before allowing people to escape.

For Snapchat, this would be a bold experiment, since leaders under CEO Evan Spiegel have been hyper-sensitive about imposing ads on the audience. Snapchat’s current video ads now are easily dismissed with a tap of the screen, but one top advertiser says that has led to average view times on ads that barely reach a second.

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