Snapchat’s New $250K Story Ads Are Made for the Redesign

Snapchat is selling its new Promoted Story ads, which debuted on Black Friday, for $250,000, according to some advertisers.

The premium price reflects the fact that the format gives brands their own channel inside the media nerve center of Snapchat, and the ad unit goes to every user in the country, for now. The Promoted Story looks like any other media channel from Snapchat Discover partners like BuzzFeed, Hearst, Tastemade and Cond Nast, only the cover image is labeled as an ad and falls under a separate “sponsored” section.

The price is similar to what a brand would pay to take over a publisher’s Discover channel for a day, which is when one advertiser fills all the ad placements, according to one Snapchat advertiser, who has been offered the new ad format and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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