Some Results Using the NLP Spelling Strategy

Imagine a situation where you spent most of your life being told either that you were slow and stupid or that your brain didn’t work properly and that you would never be normal. And then in a matter of an hour or so you were given a strategy that would make you a better scholar than any of those so called “normal” people. Making People Cry Often when I taught accelerated learning techniques to people with learning difficulties everyone in the room would be reduced to tears. It is an amazing experience watching adults and children alike throw off their limiting beliefs and old strategies. I’ve just been told a story about my friend’s nine year-old stepdaughter and just how much impact you can have on your children. I need to keep some of the details a little dark because it is a friend of mine and it would not be fair on the child to have her recognised through this article. So some of the personal details have been changed. All of the specific information about the intervention is as it was told to me. This your girl, I’m going to call her Amy, was having problems at school. …read more

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