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Here is a must read persuasion book that is worth your while to buy today. Let me explain why it is important to get it today. Vinh Ly is a unique persuasion skills author. His knowledge comes from selling jets to billionaires, from being a magician and in comedy improvisation shows. He has written a book that is a little different from most persuasion skills material. Vinh uses little cartoon characters to make his points. He is a witty, clear and easy to understand author with a book that is packed full of useful content. The thing that makes it so good though is that fact that Vinh comes at the subject from an immense amount of practical experience that is particularly unique. As a reader of my blog I am invested in your success at persuasion and I know Vinh can help. I also want to help Vinh to get wide recognition for his book. So I have a unique way of helping you to help Vinh to help you. If you buy Vinh’s book today (Thursday 20th) only you can get a special case study that he has written putting a lot of the principles from his book …read more

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