The Cost of a Bad Hiring Process

By Tanya Beaudry

It was a busy day in the office, but I knew I couldn’t waste any time finding several new employees. We’ve had a number of new clients sign on and shifts to fill. My team lead was off sick, we didn’t know when they would be back. I walked over to a member of the office admin team and asked for the file with all the resumes.

What I was handed was an empty file with no resumes in it.

I asked where all the resumes were. I was told that the team had stopped printing the resumes off. They had started to store them electronically. My face went red, fire engine red, I think I was even popping blood vessels. I was frantic and panic-stricken. I needed to hire; hire fast and NOW. I didn’t know where the resumes were stored or how to access them. I was told that, “none of the team prints them, so I don’t either”. I couldn’t believe my ears. I wanted a paper trail of all the applicants. The team tried to explain their rationale for storing the resumes electronically only and I wouldn’t have any of it.

I decided it was time to reinforce the procedure that should have been followed.

The procedure wasn’t new, yet the team wasn’t following it. The team member that I confronted got right to the point, “ok, you’re clearly furious and I’m frustrated”. I took a step back, I was surprised at their refusal to back down. They continued to tell me how printing of resumes was duplicate work, that the electronic filing was easier to use and friendly to search. Regardless, the paper trail started to happen again. I wanted to continue with the process we’ve always used. Now, resumes were filed in a file folder in the office.

The process we know and love was now in use again.

A few weeks down the road as I sat at my desk we had a reference call in. As part of our hiring process, we contact professional references. Often, we can’t get hold of the reference on the first call. Eventually, they return our call. Now I held the phone in my hand, not knowing who this reference was for, what job it was for and I reached for the folder of resumes. I sorted through the pile, top to bottom, no luck. I couldn’t find the name of the candidate or a list of references with this person’s name on it.

I put the caller on hold and asked the team.

We went through piles of papers on everyone’s desks. We searched through old resume piles and new ones. It was no where to be found, so, I had to wing it. I asked the caller general reference and professional background information about the unnamed candidate.

If only we had a better process, one where it was simple and easy to search for candidates.

In our frantic state to find the file we needed for this caller, the office was a mess. Resumes and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community