The Digital Double Standard

Here’s the way I see it: The difference between old and new media publishers (or traditional and digital-native publishers, if you prefer) is that, while both struggle to stay afloat, some new media companies just don’t quite realize it yet.

I’ve been thinking about the economics of all publishing in recent weeks as more and more bad news has come out of medialand. Cond Nast, for instance, announced it was shuttering the print edition of Teen Vogue and cutting back the frequency of many of its glossies (e.g., Architectural Digest and GQ will go from 12 issues per year to 11).

There was also some extreme bad news that came out of the digital-native world: Local news sites DNAinfo and Gothamist (which DNAinfo had acquired only in March) abruptly shut down. But the bottom line there was obscured by some high drama.

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