The More You Fail The Closer to Success You Become


This article is about a particular accelerated learning technique that can dramatically improve your ability to use hypnotic language patterns. And as a bonus you will get to learn another fun and easy to use language pattern.

Try Before You Buy

I’ve seen a lot of people fall in to an interesting double bind in many different learning situations. Some people won’t use a skill until they are good at the skill. The obvious issue here is without using the skill you are unlikely to get any good at it. Conversely the more you use the skill the better you get at it.

This is a particular problem with hypnotic language patterns. They are only likely to work once you have made the pattern your own and it appears as part of your natural speech. Even passed that point there are a whole number of variables that will determine if the pattern works in any given situation.

Another typical reaction to learning patterns is a need to understand how a pattern works, where you would use it, how to set up to use it in a conversation and a million other details. The reality is that you can only get proper answers to those …read more

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