The One NLP Technique that lets you win EVERY Time

You might find the head line a bit fanciful and I would suggest that the idea that we will discuss in this article will work every time and in every situation. I will suggest that sometimes it is not easy to do. But imagine having a technique that lets you win just one percent more than you normally do just how different would your life be. If you have not already got the idea I think this is the most powerful concept NLP. Getting the Edge Some poker players have a very mathematical way of playing the game. They work the probabilities and they will make the bet every time so long as they have an edge. In the long game they will always win. Here is a simple version of what I mean: Let’s say we bet on a coin flip, so we both have a 50% chance of winning. But let us also say that somehow you have got me to agree that every time I win you will pay me £1.00 but every time you win I will pay you £1.01. Over time we will both win and lose the same amount of times, but over time …read more

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