The Power of Metaphor

Everyone loves a good story. Metaphors are a great way to change people’s beliefs, outlook or focus. We are exposed to all sorts of narratives that change our perceptions. This article is about one structure for metaphor that you can use in multiple persuasion contexts. Metaphors and Hypnotic Persuasion Our minds are narrative making machines. We love making connections between things and tend to view the world in terms of cause and effect. Stuff happens and that causes other stuff to happen and we can string that whole thing together as some sort of narrative. That is how we love to see the world even if reality is slightly different. We have the brilliant ability to take a series of random events connect them together and encode meaning to it. It is how we get so many conspiracy theories. And I am not saying there are no conspiracies just that we create a lot more of them in our heads because our brains naturally work that way. Knowing this a skilled hypnotist can use the power of your connection seeking metaphor liking brain to weave a story that gets you to think things differently, motivate you in a particular direction …read more

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