The Psychology of a Successful Testing Program

The Psychology of a Successful Testing Program

All testing programs, no matter how great or awful, think they are doing pretty good and can get better.

Having spent the better part of 13 years working with testing programs of various sizes to turn their programs around or to help them go to levels that they did not know were possible, one thing stands out more than any other. It doesn’t matter what size the programs are or the industry, of the over 300 programs I have worked with almost all of them suffer from some very similar issues.

What you think of your testing program means little about its actual performance

In many ways the actual outcomes of the program have no correlation to how those in the programs view the value of their own program. This myopia can lead to a number of missed opportunities to improve or change the status quo. In many cases the steps needed to change or improve a program are easy, but the hang ups of those in charge can be hard to sway. That is why it is so vital that programs start with the right mentality and then grow from there.

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