The Secret to Learning Hypnotic Persuasion Quickly and Easily

This article explains how to be effective in learning hypnotic persuasion skills. Before the end of this article you will discover many of the covert persuasion tactics I routinely used to become internationally recognised as a Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Trainer but you can quickly adapt to getting your own way in any circumstances you want.

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Multiple Perspectives Are Key to Effective Learning

If you were to  look for the hypnotic language patterns  in my material several interesting things happen in terms of your ability to  learn, recognise and replicate these hypnotic persuasion skills.

For example you  split your focus  and have to  read on several different levels . This is a trance technique right here. So by reading this; thinking about the meaning of what I am saying, looking at the hypnotic process we are going through and searching for the patterns means you are  heading into a specific type of learning trance.

You are also in a very useful double bind. If you  find the patterns  I am using  you win  because you have  reconfirmed your ability  to  spot these hypnotic patterns. That means you are already better at applying them for yourself. If you don’t  spot the patterns  you have just a whole lot of really good post hypnotic behaviour  bypass your critical faculties. This usually means you will re-read / watch / listen to certain elements and  burst out laughing  when you do spot what bypassed you the first time. Either way  you win.

Perceptual Positions and Covert Modelling Techniques

If you haven’t already noticed I really packed loads of different things into the last three …read more

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