The Three Components to Learning Any Skill


There are three elements to learning new skills. This article shows you how you need to have all three to become fluent with any new skill.

The Foundations of NLP

Some NLPers will disagree with me but NLP is based on modelling. It is about deconstructing what works and then installing or applying that wherever it is useful.

Many NLP Techniques come from just this process; observe what works, tweak it until you get the result that you want from it…then rinse and repeat. Here is a personal example of where this has taken me.

Multiple Levels of Communication

When I learnt NLP and Hypnosis formally I was taught it as a overt 121 tool a sort of coaching or therapy contexts. We did discuss other avenues and ideas but the key pitch was this 121 therapeutic context. Since NLP is about modelling I did start taking these ideas and start thinking about how you could use them in a presentation, a sales pitch or a normal everyday conversation.

At the time I was at the start of a career in training. As you can imagine I was desperate to find ways of integrating this material. I had a vision of standing in front of a class of students all with flip top heads that you could open up, shovel in great content, tinker with the mechanics so they integrated it all and then close the lid.

As I progressed I found better and more effective ways of doing that sort of thing. Remember though giving people information is not the issue. The issue is getting them motivated enough to do something with the information and to integrate the information in some sort of meaningful way so they change their behaviour.

Since NLP is about modelling I started looking at what …read more

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