The Truth about Comfort Zones

If like me you have been force fed the idea that you “must” step outside of your comfort zone to learn then this article is for you. Here is some fresh thinking on comfort zones and how you can accelerated your personal development by staying right in the middle of your comfort zone.A few days ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan Chase. If you don’t know Jon is one of the foremost teachers of hypnosis in the UK. Our chat was centred around the Comfort Zone Principle, a new concept that Jon has been developing for years. Comfort Zones, a Route to Self Development I was lucky enough that Jon offer to let me try out his new profiling system and I am really glad that he did. There were a couple of things that really impressed me about the whole system. The first and foremost was a few dots that Jon connected for me.I imagine that you have heard the idea of comfort zones. The base idea as I use it is that by definition the stuff that you are comfortable with is the stuff inside your comfort zone. This is all the things you know …read more

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