The Value of Paid Advertising (With A Dash Of Creativity) On Social

By Sahail Ashraf

The Value Of Paid Advertising (With A Dash Of Creativity) On Social

Paid advertising is as old as the hills. It has some excellent examples of good work but also some shocking examples of cynical attempts at ‘marketing’. This is because paid advertising, whether it is offline or online, has sometimes been viewed as ‘invasive’.

It comes into your home via your TV set, or stares at you from a billboard. Sometimes it even feels like it’s ruining your enjoyment of social media. A recent ad has started to create some controversy because it seems to illustrate the ‘invasive’ complaint. And once you watch it you can see why.

We reckon you will enjoy the ad. It’s fun, and clever. But at the same time, the way it taps into Google Home has been seen as intrusive and a real problem. Whether you feel this is true or not, you can see why some people may have a problem with it. In fact, the ad was soon ‘killed’ by Google. In the original ad, an actor leans towards the camera at the end and says:

OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?

Any viewer of the ad who happened to own Google Home would see the device (as long as it was close enough to the monitor of course) ‘switch on’ and read out the ingredients of the burger. It didn’t go according to plan in all instances, however, and this is where the story became a little more complicated.

Within hours of the ad being released Google had stopped the ad from triggering Google Home. At the same time, with the ad triggering a search that ended up in a Wikipedia response, there were further problems.

Someone high up in Burger King actually altered the Wikipedia entry so that it displayed the ingredients for the burger in a more complementary manner. But that was only after some jokers and troublemakers decided to amend the Wikipedia entry themselves with rather unsavoury descriptions of the dish. It’s all been a little exhausting for Burger King. But it’s also been a bit of a coup as well.

All publicity is (usually) good publicity, and for Burger King to be talked about for the two reasons (potential invasive behaviour and the Wikipedia episode) was a great thing. The brand is now known as ‘those guys who annoyed Google’ (the search giant pulled the ad’s ability to affect Google Home) and that kind of marketing cannot be bought.

But using paid ads to push your publicity to another level isn’t new.

Squatty Potty

Okay, a bit of an unusual name for a company, but this is what they are called. They make a potty, as you have probably guessed. With some exposure on Shark Tank in the US and through other media to bolster them, the brand decided to take a shot at producing a video.

This cost a lot of money and there were serious concerns among the leadership of the brand. The video was recorded and then uploaded to YouTube. Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community