These 7 Brands Have the Best Mobile App Ads We’ve Ever Seen

By Megan Marrs

drizly ad.jpg

Looking to up your mobile app ad game but not sure where to start? We’re providing the inspiration you need with these 7 examples of brands with mobile app ads that are crushing it. We love these mobile app ads because of their creativity, design, or unusual approach.

Take a look at these grand master mobile app ads and tell us what you think about them in the comments!


Drizly has a pretty strong marketing strategy in general – in Boston we had a few months when their print ads were plastered all over the subway cars!

Drizly also knows how to get pretty creative with their cross promotions and partnerships. Take a look at this fantastic Instagram ad below, in which Drizly promotes a new episode of the reality TV show The Bachelor.

If you know anything about The Bachelor and its audience, you know that they love wine. I’m not sure it’s even legal to watch the show without a glass of wine within 5 feet of you – check your local ordinances.

Drizly sniffed out this prime opportunity for partnership; they used an ad that highlights an already popular show and is bound to capture the attention of Bachelor fans, while also offering a discount to new users so that they’ll have a nice glass of Pino in time for the show.

Think about what kind of creative partnerships you can make that will help promote your app in unique ways!


spotify ad.jpg

Most freemium users like myself know only one kind of Spotify ad – the kind that pesters you to go premium and eliminate unwanted ads during your jam sessions.

However, this Spotify ad on Instagram takes a fun approach to get users in the app and excited by celebrating new musical artist and library expansions, while also serving as a nice nod to true Beatles fans.

Of course I use the term “new artist” just in reference to Spotify’s catalogue. There’s nothing much “new” about The Beatles, other than in the minds of teenagers who, with each generation, discover how great “that old band from the 60s” really is.

Spotify’s ad is unique in that it takes the time to celebrate a specific aspect of its service, rather than the concept of the music-streaming service as a whole.

Thrive Market

thrive market.jpg

Thrive Market is an ecommerce store specializing in healthy, natural foods that are shipped from your online cart to your IRL doorstep.

In this great mobile app ad example below, they use Facebook’s ad platform to showcase some of their best products, using the mobile app ad as a virtual storefront – we think that’s pretty clever!

Sun Basket

sunbasket ad.jpg

Sun Basket is a healthy food subscription service (in the same vein of Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and the crop of other similar services that have popped up recently), delivering pre-measured ingredients and recipes that allow you to whip up dinner dishes without dealing with common grocery struggles.

Sun Basket offers a pretty enticing Instagram ad, with a series of delicious Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community