Tips for Using Social Tools to Facilitate Q&A

Making Q&A prep part of your presentation ritual is crucial to delivering a successful presentation. But facilitating an effective Q&A session isn’t as simple as it once was.

Passing around a microphone is no longer the only way for audience members to ask questions; technology has opened up new avenues for Q&A, and audience interaction. It’s rare these days to attend any event, speaking engagement, or lecture that doesn’t have a hashtag on Twitter, an Instagram handle, and a Facebook event page. An event is almost non-existent if it doesn’t have a presence on social media.

But are these more traditional social tools the best for Q&A? I would venture to say no.

Facebook is used most effectively to promote, share, comment, and answer questions leading up to an event. With Twitter and Instagram, people can share pictures, follow event-related news, and broadcast real-time commentary.

All these activities enhance the event experience, and should be considered as part of your overall communication strategy. But because they weren’t designed for Q&A, they don’t provide features that can help make a Q&A session more productive.

When should you consider using a social Q&A tool?