Top 10 Blogging Mistakes

By Karen Repoli

top 10 blogging mistakes

Blogging should be an essential element of every entrepreneur’s marketing plan. It’s an outstanding way to increase traffic to your site, and demonstrate your credibility and position as a thought leader in your niche.

However, there are common blogging mistakes that new and seasoned businesses make. These mistakes can easily be avoided if you know about them. This top-10 list of blogging mistakes will help you improve your blogging skills exponentially.

Mistake # 1: Choosing a Broad Niche

Choosing a broad niche is a mistake that many new bloggers make. But even seasoned bloggers can find themselves in a similar predicament if they extend their topics to meet their audience’s needs. You can’t be everything to everyone.

If you want to be a successful blogger, specialize. Having a specialized niche means your blog posts can be much more focused and reach a more dedicated audience. When you choose a sub-niche, it’s much easier to provide the information/solutions they want and need.

Covering a broad niche can be overwhelming for the blogger and the readers. Consider the differences between talking about the broad niche, “Movies” and focusing on the market niche, “Vintage Movies.” Narrowing down the “Movies” niche to “vintage movies,” helps to cut down on the amount of content needed. It also makes it easier for vintage movie buffs to find the info and products they want. Specializing is a win-win situation for everyone, as long as you do your research first.

Mistake # 2: Losing Focus

Losing the blog’s niche focus can happen to the best bloggers, especially if they’ve been covering the same topics and problems for years. When they feel they’ve covered everything a million times, they often write about marginal topics, such as politics. This is a big mistake if it goes beyond a post or two.

If you start running out of content ideas, reconnect with your audience. Do more research. Read industry news. Survey your audience to get ideas. Start a focus group to discuss niche related issues and problems.

Use the information you discover to bring your blog back into focus and create a content plan to help you stay on topic. Schedule time to do research and plan each week.

Mistake # 3: Skipping Audience Research

In trying to get your site up and running, you may have skipped some of the research. Audience research is one of the areas business owners tend to skip altogether or do minimal research. Don’t assume you know your niche audience. That is a huge mistake, which can be detrimental to your business and profits.

In order to promote solutions effectively, you need to know the cold, hard facts about your audience. The only way to learn is to do the research and get proof of what you suspect to be true. If you did skip over this research step, go do it now. Get the demographics on them. Use the info to create an ideal customer profile and look at the profile before you create content or send out a promotion. Make sure your content Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community