Top B2B Website Metrics to Monitor Using Google Analytics

By Kevin Bloom

When it comes to evaluating the performance of a professional services firm’s website, most people tend to focus the majority of their attention towards one metric: overall traffic, or the number of visits to a website. But when you only focus on the number of visits you don’t learn how someone finds your site. More importantly, you don’t learn what they are doing once they get there.

I recommend keeping track of six metrics that, together, begin to paint a better picture for those evaluating the overall performance of their B2B website.

1) Pages per Session

Pages per session, or average page depth, is the average number of pages viewed during a session.

Why is this metric important? Most visitors will come to your site through your homepage. Unfortunately, some of the most important information you want to showcase is on your services or industries-served pages. This requires the visitor to take an additional step.

If they do in fact take that next step, they register at least two pages viewed during that session. Therefore, B2B firms should aim for at least a 2.00 in this particular metric. Anything over 2.00 means that on average, visitors are viewing at least two pages when they visit your site. In Google Analytics, the graphic for pages/session looks something like this:

How can you improve your pages per session ratio? Make sure your website has easy-to-understand navigation elements. And less is almost always more when it comes to options presented to visitors on your site. The moment they land on your homepage, they should be able to easily identify where they want to go.

For example, an executive search firm’s website draws both job candidates and employers looking for talent. Both audiences are vital to the success of the firm, but each should be able to quickly identify where to go once they land on the homepage.

2) Average Session Duration

Average session duration is the average length of a session.

Why is this metric important? Think about the last time you were surfing through websites and how quickly you switched from one site to another. The longer a visitor spends in a session, the more engaged they are as a potential lead.

B2B firms should aim for an average session duration of at least two minutes (2:00). In most cases, someone that is spending more than two minutes on your site is engaged and has found something relevant to what they were searching. In Google Analytics, the graphic for average session duration looks something like this:

Average session duration benchmark

How can you improve your average session duration? Be sure you have rich, informative content. On your services and industries pages, address specific issues that potential clients might have and explain how your firm can address them.

Having a resources section on your site with various forms of content (including blog posts, guides, and videos) will also keep visitors on your site for an extended period as well. Hinge’s library as a good example. Another example Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community