Topshop Releases Clear Plastic Jeans And the Internet Has Questions

By Erica Abbott


The internet is not quite sure how to feel about Topshop’s new and interesting fashion statement. For $100, their Clear Plastic Jeans, which are completely see-through, can be a part of your wardrobe.

“Think outside the box with these out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans – guaranteed to get people talking,” the description reads. “In a straight leg cut, they feature classic pockets detailing and are cropped at the ankle bone. Ideal as a statement piece for a festival or costume party, take the look to the extreme with a bikini and sequin jacket or dress down, layered under an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress.” Who knew see-through plastic jeans could be so versatile?


Of course, this is not the first ridiculous article of clothing to be released by Topshop. Their other troll-worthy designs have included tulle overlay denim skirts, tulle skirt jeans and Clear Knee Mom Jeans, which featured two plastic panels ideal for showing off knees.

Not only did social media have plenty to say about the strange trend, so did customers (or trolls). “Another quality garment from Topshop,” wrote one reviewer. “Amazing that they managed to stitch together a pair of jeans from something other than denim and still managed to finish up with something that still looked like jeans.” No doubt other reviews will make the plastic jeans the next hot summer trend.

Take a look at how social media reacted to Topshop’s Clear Plastic Jeans below:

Social Media Reacts to Topshop’s $100 Clear Plastic Jeans


— Angela (@theawkwardblog) April 21, 2017

Clear jeans? Defeating the whole object of jeans… @Topshop to far

— ميا (@Miaplaterjones) April 21, 2017

Topshop: Everybody hated the clear knee jeans we should make more normal pants


— Little Mix Mofo (@LittleMixMofo) April 25, 2017

WTF? Why???

— Agmane (@agmane) April 25, 2017

Sweatsville population: anyone wearing this abomination #whatarethose

— Megan Turney (@MeganTurney94) April 22, 2017

People asking “why are topshop selling transparent jeans?”, the answer is: So that people ask “why are topshop selling transparent jeans?”

— dan barker (@danbarker) April 25, 2017

Why spend €76 on clear jeans when you can just use cling film

— Mr Cian Twomey (@MrCianTwomey) April 25, 2017

topshop is now selling CLEAR JEANS. i hate 2017 so much

— mol (@drumsjdm) April 25, 2017

Clear jeans — now, everyone will know when you go commando!

— Regi Brittain (@RegiBrittain) April 25, 2017

What are your thoughts on Topshop’s Clear Plastic Jeans? Would you wear them? Sound off in the comments section below!

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