Turning Shop Assistants into Mind Controlled Zombies


Over the last few of articles you have seen how I accidentally tranced a poor sales assistant through the floor. This article is about how I seized that opportunity and turned her into a virtual robot that is just responding to my commands and how you can use the same principles to seize control of any conversation.

The Story so Far

Over this series of articles you will have discovered how frame control is an NLP Technique that allows you take control of people’s (including your own) thinking. My ideal visualisation of this is digging the trench for the flow of thoughts. So long as you are digging the trench the flow of thoughts will just follow the path that you digging.

For example read the previous two articles and pay particular regard to the beginning of the second article where I explain about installing new concepts. Before you go and reread that bit just hold in your mind the question “Why did he choose to explain this to the reader in this part of the article?” And once you are done with that ask yourself why I just asked you to do that.

Here are the links to the last two articles.

Article One – Stealing Bacon Rolls – Where we discover how people accidentally take each other in to trance by interrupting their patterns.

Article Two – Confusion over sausages – Where we discover how frames of reference can be set up to lead people in a direction

An Interlude – Turning Your Future Boss into a Mind Controlled Zombie – An interlude where you discover how I accidentally used the tools we have been discussing to be offered a job

I noticed the shop assistant going further into trance when I asked the question about pork or

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