Unlocking Your Company’s Growth Engine w/ Conversion Rate Optimization w/ Sean Ellis


If you’ve heard of Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn or Qualaroo, you’re familiar with my work.

I’m Sean Ellis & I’d like to tell you how Conversion Rate Optimization played a critical role as the growth engine for the companies I’ve worked with. I’m going to lay out the specific tests & processes I’ve used to grow these startups into incredibly valuable businesses.

How important is CRO? It was the key to our success in scaling LogMeIn to a publicly-traded company, and helped us optimize our referral program at Dropbox, whose latest funding figures peg it’s value at a rumored $10 billion.

The Difference Between Testing and Unlocking Growth

Since you’re reading this on ConversionXL, I’m going to assume that you are already testing regularly, that you implement A/B or multivariate testing regularly, and that you’re tracking the performance of your landing pages and funnels and optimizing them to one degree or another.

This is great, and you’re leaps and bounds ahead of most marketers.

But I’m willing to bet that you haven’t yet gone far enough to turn it into a sustainable engine of growth for your business. Many people get hung up at …read more

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