Using Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Tactics With the Police

ticket book

Yesterday we looked at a situation where I got stopped by the police and was about to get a ticket. We discussed the importance of getting in to state. Today we will discover how you can use pacing and leading ideas to build rapport whilst subtly undermining their arguments with Hypnotic Language Patterns. Click through and read the first article here:

The Story so Far

I accidently went through a red light whilst being watched by a couple of police officers. They stopped me and one officer got out to speak to me. Things looked fraught, there was no way that they could have missed my running the red light so I went into my persuasive state and planned how I would approach the problem.

Observations Skills

The police car pulled in behind me and the officer in the passenger side got out and came towards my car. I could see that he looked very young, especially when compared to his colleague who was sat in the driver’s seat.

He also had in his hands his ticket book. There is no point in bring out your ticket book if you had no intention of writing a ticket. I knew I would have to use a lot of my knowledge and skills to get away from this one.

Using Social Status

Let me over simplify the world for a moment. We are social animals and we respond to hierarchical structures. So you could boil this down to in any given situation you could be equal to the person you are communicating with, one up from them or one down. This is just a simple way of looking at some of the systems in place when communicating and is similar to (but not the same as) a transactional analysis view of communication.

This is a useful structure

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