Using NLP and Hypnosis for Stand Up Comedy


This article is about some personal thoughts on NLP but in it there are some ideas on personal and professional development that you might find useful.

What is NLP?

Long before I knew anything about NLP I was fortunate enough to attend the most rigorous Trainer’s Training that I have ever seen since. As part of that course I did a modelling project where I modelled a couple of comedians specifically to look at how we could apply their particular comedy techniques to delivering training.

I’m not going to tell you which comedians I modelled but I have been told it is obvious in the way that I deliver training…so feel free to speculate. They are both British comedians that have an international presence, have stared in movies and have long well established careers (even in the late 90′s when I did the project.

You can read lots of definitions of NLP both on my site and across the internet. So to cut that short and to oversimplify; NLP is about modelling. That is looking at what works and then applying that to yourself, to others or to other contexts where it might be useful.

Even before I knew the term I …read more

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