Using NLP Skills to Deal with Difficult Situations


I have received a lot of emails about a rash of people trying to use power and authority to force their will on to others. This article will focus on one common situation that is difficult to deal with and some ideas to help you out.

Knowing Your Rights

I recently received an email from a guy who is working through the Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques concerning the legal rights of interviewees. He has asked to be kept anonymous. Here is the second email he sent me:

Hi Rintu,

Thanks for your email.

No problem, I don’t mind you using this at all. Feel free to edit and paraphrase my email if that makes for a better blog post.

Here is a good article about people’s rights which explains the full range of things that recruiters shouldn’t ask you.

I know you’re not in the business of giving people legal advice, but I do think it’s always important to know your rights! Most people recruiting will know that it is not cricket and that they are essentially opening up their company to liability on grounds of discrimination – they could be sued, so if they are asking it anyway then they are taking a gamble that the candidate won’t know their rights. Naughty!

I have an absolutely shocking story which I don’t mind telling you as long as my name is kept confidential – a female friend was interviewed for a senior post – clearly a very important one for the company to get right. The panel included an HR person and at one point she was left alone in the room with the HR person.

The HR person then proceeded to make ‘small-talk’ to fill …read more

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