Using NLP to Feel Good Every Day

Have you noticed that sometimes thoughts don’t go away? With me it usually happens with some bad thought and it takes some time to get rid of it. But what if it were possible to put a good thought in your head and have that on repeat so you just keep coming back to it when you need a quick boost of positivity? A Giggle Loop Yesterday I stumbled on a three second video on FaceBook. The very first time I saw it I laughed out loud. I played it several more times and I laughed out loud each time. And then right through the day every now and again I thought of the video and laughed. You know how you just get something that hits your sense of humour and you just laugh out loud? And then each time you think of it you just feel the feeling and laugh again because of how silly it is. And so instead of the feeling subsiding each time you think it you laugh again and the thought gets bigger. Post by Nova 106.9. It probably isn’t surprising that yesterday was a great day full of fun and productivity. That was simply …read more

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