Using NLP to Steal from a Baker


Last week I stumbled on to a NLP Technique for stealing bacon rolls. I recognise this is quite a niche area so I did some research and discovered people using the same process to fight racism, stop crime and forcing people to smile. This series of articles has demonstrations of how you can apply this idea across all these contexts.

The Gift of Bacon

I was on my way to work one morning and decided to stop off at the bakers for a bacon roll. I was tired, dishevelled and had not yet had my morning coffee. Needless to say I was a little distracted.

During subsequent visits I have discovered that the bakers have a promotion on where they are trying to upsell a potato scone in to your breakfast roll of choice. Sadly this was the one thing that led me dangerously close to a new career as a criminal mastermind.

Interrupting the Click Whirr Response

We spend most of our lives in a hypnotic trance. A lot of the things that we do are automatic processes. Could you imagine what would happen to you if you tried to live your life consciously?

Reading this article might seem easy, but what if you have to do everything consciously? Remember all the micro muscle movements you have to do with your eyes just to track the words. And we have not started on the breathing, blinking, the recognition of the words and making the connections to your life. You hand over all the routine “non-essential” elements to your unconscious mind so you can  just focus on understanding this article.

On this particular day I had already worked out what was supposed to happen in the bakers I had done it so many times before I did not need to consciously think about it.

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