Using Post Hypnotic Suggestions on Police Officers

police map

A few nights ago I was rushing to get to a poker game and I ran a red light. I was seen and stopped bang to rights by the police and was almost certainly going to get a ticket. This is the first in a short series of article showing how you can use NLP Skills to take a police officer in to trance, shovel in a load of post hypnotic suggestions to let you go.

Setting the Scene

I was driving to a casino for a poker game and I was late for registration so was in a hurry. The map will give you my exact location. I came up North Street and turned right on to Sauchiehall Street. The traffic light on that corner were just turning from amber to red. I got through those but the lights at the junction of Sauchihall Street and A804 had turned red before I had crossed them.

The police car had been at the other arm of the junction and were in clear line of sight of the traffic light. It was a dry, cold and dark night. But the area is well lit, traffic was light and the visibility was good.

As I continued down Sauchiehall Street I saw the police car in my rear view mirror and realised that they must have seen me run the red light.

Define your Outcomes

I made a quick decision to turn right in to Elmbank Street. I was simply looking for information. If they turned with me I knew I would be stopped and it would give me a few moments to set some objectives for the encounter. They did follow me on to Elmbank Street and almost immediately signalled me to pull over, which I did.

I decided my overall objectives for this

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