Visual Memory Systems and NLP Study Skills

This article is about how you can effectively cram for exams. I am going to give you the exact strategy I used to get one guy to drop a year’s worth of studying into his head in less than a week. The Set Up A year earlier my client had put his name forward for a set of professional exams. The normally study time was a year part time and we are taking about some very heavy duty complex content. Being typically disorganised and not actually invested in taking the exams he forgot all about it. That is until two weeks before exam when he was sent a reminder of the date and the location details. Since he wasn’t that invested in the exams he just decided to ignore it. A week before the exams, he had done no studying and had almost decided that he wasn’t even going to turn up. He had been talking to a colleague of his who told him that the professional body for the exam will bar your entry to the exam for the next year if you drastically fail the exam. The pass mark was 75% a failure of less than 50% was …read more

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