Walmart’s Social-Media Chief Has 30 Times More Pinterest Followers Than Walmart

Walmart’s social-media chief has 5 million Pinterest followers. Walmart has only 137,000, so she clearly sees room for improvement. And one of the brands she sees doing best there is rival Lowe’s, she said in a talk Thursday at the Brandemonium conference in Cincinnati.

Such conferences are full of show-and-tells from executives about their brands’ own successes, but Walmart Senior Manager-Social Innovation Christine Martinez Loya focused mainly on what others are doing well, and her own largely pre-Walmart experience as Pinterest’s user No. 8 which she became seven years ago thanks to an invitation from the founders at a conference for design bloggers.

Loya was also frank about Walmart’s challenges in social media, despite the company generating 5 million comments a year across platforms. “We do have a small challenge,” she said, “which is changing Walmart’s brand perception. No tiny endeavor. It’s a massive one.”

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