Website Reviews: Is Your Website Visually Distracting?

In today’s review, Tommy is assessing the visual complexity of a cabinet hardware eCommerce site to determine if the visual elements may be getting in the way of conversions.

When I judge “visual complexity”, I’m primarily looking at the following factors:

  • The amount of visual elements presented on the page at any given time
  • Are those elements supporting & reinforcing the main objective of the page?

Visual elements in this context can mean anything from colors, background images, product shots, typography, textures & anything intended to communicate the value of the site.

Watch this 9:40 minute review


Reducing these elements to display only the most relevant is vital because:

  • “First impressions” are made within 1/5oth of a second (roughly the amount of time it takes for a kernel of popcorn to pop)
  • The human brain can identify images within 1/13th of a second
  • The human memory can only store between 5-9 “chunks” of information at one time

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